LA 온누리교회 창조과학탐사 간증문 (8/31-9/2,2013)

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Hannah Lee (Grade 8)

“I learned more in depth of the Flood and the evolution theory.”

Joyce Kim (Grade 6)

“I learned a lot of stuff.  I wasn’t sure about God’s creation but from here I learned a lot.  I think this was a great experience.”

Hanna Kim (Grade 6)

“I have a lot of confidence in God now.  I used to question God but now I’m doing less questioning.  I also learned that creation is the truth.”

Sieun Kim (Grade 6)

“I learned that the Grand Canyon was carved from the Noah’s Flood and I learned a lot about God.  Also, I learned a lot about science that describe evolution.”

Ryan Lee (11th grade)

“I learned holes and flaws in the theory of evolution.  I find it interesting how something that is so generally accepted can be wrong in certain aspects.  Although I’m not fully convinced that creationism is completely true I certainly consider it to be a possibility after learning about the flows of the theory of  evolution which also helps me realize that the possibility of a higher being.”

Sona Kim (8th grade)

“This was an interesting trip for me.  I’ve never looked at the Bible as a history.  I think how I can really ask my teachers questionable questions and prove to my peers that what we (or they) might believe is the truth could possibly not be the truth.  Thank you.”

Aaron Cho (9th grade)

“This trip taught me how the things taught to me are false.  It also taught me how to use logic to prove my statements and see both sides of the argument.”

Terry Jung (8th grade)

“In the creation tour, I learned that Bible’s words have evidence but are not taught openly to the public.  Also, evolution has flaws and has evidence that is not trustable.  It was also good to see the Grand Canyon and learn how it was created.”

Haechan Lee (11th grade)

“Through this creation tour I learned more detailed facts about evolution which proved to be totally false.  That it contains flaws and facts that are completely nonsense.  I can apply this to my life as explaining about creation to other people by proving evolution is wrong.”

Kevin Chung (12th grade)

“I learned that the Bible clearly points to the fact that Darwinian evolution is false.”

Calvin Shin(College 3rd. year @ UCSD)

“Through this tour, I grasped the very technical aspects of the very things that confirm God’s creation and His perfectness.  I learned to point to clear scientific evidence to stand firm in the authority of the Scripture.  Praise God for His greatness!  Thank you once again.  : ).”

George Hong (11th grade)

“I learned that one kind of animal turning into another kind of animas are not possible.”

Timmy Shin (10th grade)

“I learned that evolution is false and that the Bible has evidence why the Bible is true.”

Eunjoo Cho (2nd year in College)

“While I had already studied some theology and creationist theories/ideas on my own, I still remained uncertain about certain piece of evidence regarding evolution.  This taught me not only how to counter arguments and hold my faith, advancing Christian apologetics, but also the great wisdom, compassion, and vastness of God.  Most importantly, I take hope in the education of this young generation that they may know to question what they are being taught and to invest their faith in whatever they discover in their own search for truth, not to absorb anything of false value.”

Chris Lee (12th grade)

“From the creation tour, I learned a lot about how Noah’s family lived in the ark and how flawed the evolution system is.  But I came to realize more of how beautiful God’s creation is.”

Timothy Huh (8th grade)

“I learned a lot more about the Bible.  Also, I learned that in everything there is always a counter example, it just depends on your belief.  I also got to see the Grand Canyon for the first time.  I learned about strata which made by sediments and water.  It also awakened my eyes to realize there are always 2 sides.”

Joshua Lee (7th grade)

“Through this trip, I was certain that the genesis flood actually happened.  I also learned that people make false evidence to destroy God.  I am now confident that God exists and I can tell that to my friends.  The Grand Canyon was Grand!  I was amazed by the facts in the Bible.”

Hyuk-Ju Lee (7th grade)

“I learned through the creation tour that during the flood many people have perished and including earth’s crust.  Many facts and evidence shows how real the Flood was.  Like how it created the Grand Canyon.  Also how much power God has in the universe.  I didn’t know that much information in the old testament in the Bible so I was happy that I’ve learned this.”

Sean Jung (7th grade)

“In this trip, I learned more evidence for the Bible.  The location of the fossils gave me some evidence about the flood.  This trip helped me have more faith in God.”

Jason Lee (7th grade)

“In this retreat, I learned about the flood that I can tell the people about the flood.  I felt more confident about God.”

Edward Shin (Team Leader)

“Geological information on the Grand Canyon was very enlightening.  The power point presentations and the video clips were helpful in understanding the case for creation.  Thankful that the presenter connected everything to the contents of the Bible.”

Mike Chou

“The presentation about the formation of Grand Canyon, which overthrows the notion that it was created through millions years process, is very insightful.  It has raised my curiosity researching more about this topic.  Thank you for your passion and dedication not only for all believers and non-believers, but also particularly for the kids on this trip.”

Brian Hong (pastor)

“It was refreshing to hear the other side of the debate for once.  I’m thankful that this opportunity was granted to us.”

John Lee (10th grade)

“There were many instances in my life where I was forced to defend my faith against evolution, but could not give a proof that evolution is false.  I believed in creation because my parents taught me about it ever since I was a little child, but I realized that I didn’t know much about creation to believe that it was the absolute truth.  Also, whenever my friends who are strong evolutionists asked me to give a proof that creation is true, I found myself not being able to answer those questions.  This tour was a special experience for me because I now know the facts that could help me to defend my faith when I believed in ever since I was a young boy, in school where so many people believes that evolution is true.  I’m also excited to teach my evolutionist friends about creation and Jesus Christ.”

Do Young Kim (12th grade)

“I think it was a very informational tour and it helped me to fortify my knowledge about creation against evolution.  I also liked how I was able to know detail parts of Genesis e.g. Ark dimensions.”

Jamie Lee (10th grade)

“I learned how everything was created.  A couple years ago I kind of believed in evolution, but now, I know that it isn’t true and that God created everything.”


Ryoung Kim (10th grade)

“I just recently learned biology last year in my freshman year.  I believed in genetic variation and natural selection.  I learned the differences in evolution and creation.  Now I realize that I shouldn’t just believe whatever is given in front of me.  I’ve learned the importance of creation.  This tour was not only good experience for memory, but a good reminder (or a kick-on-my-teeth) that our God is amazing, powerful and Almighty.  I’ve come to realize that I was putting the creator at the same ‘eye’ level as me.  Our Father is truly amazing.  The information are very interesting, too!  I finally have an understanding of creation.”

Lina Lee (6th grade)

“I wondered why they taught wrong things in school.  This trip answered one of my greatest questions.  It was interesting – so many new things – and also fun.  I couldn’t understand a lot of things, but this retreat was really helpful.  All in all, now I understand what the truth is and what I should/shouldn’t believe.”

Justin Kim (8th grade)

“This tour really taught me many things that I have not known about.  Such like how the flood made the Grand Canyon.  The fossils weren’t made billions of years ago but few thousand years ago.  That means evolution is false and the books (about evolution) are lies and the Bible is True!”

Timothy Kim (8th grade)

“This creation tour has taught me about the creation of heaven and earth.  Although I had doubts, I believed in evolution.  This tour changed my thoughts about creation and evolution.  I feel blessed to know that I know the truth.  The idea of how God created the world is clear than before.”

Heejin Cho (9th grade)

“I learned about creation and how God made the earth.”

Lauren Cho (12th grade)

“I learned that Nazism originated from evolution (along with other –isms).”

Sean Lee (7th grade)

“This creation tour taught me in Grand Canyon how God created the Canyon.”

Alex Lew (12th grade)

“Showed how current evolution supporting evidence conflicts with evolution.”

Jason Kang (9th grade)

“This tour told me details.  I used to have bad information about evolution drilled into my head.  This tour gave me better insight in creation.”


James Lee (7th grade)

“At this tour I learned a lot about the Flood and what happened and also I learned aboutevolution.  It was very interesting learning about evolution.  It was my first time learning about evolution.”

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