Korean Covenant Church 간증문 (6/29-7/1,2013)

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Though I’ve been a Christian for several years, there were certain things that were unchanged in me. And there were remnants of knowledge I got from school. For instance, when I think about dinosaurs, I would automatically think it to millions of years, different phases of earth history and evolutionary theory and I needed to consciously put effort to think “Christian”. However, after this trip I came to have creation in my head well embedded and learned to understand how ridiculous evolutionary theory is. Also, after learning so many concepts, I was overwhelmed and a little exhausted; however, God gave me the following verse in the midst of this minor frustration “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” (1peter 4:15) I thank God for such great opportunity and experiences!
– Dennis Han

Prior to going on the Creation Science Tour, I fully believed the biblical account of how the earth, the universe, and mankind came into being. I believed solely on the basis of faith, based on what the Bible says of this. Dr Kim has changed that. In addition to my faith-based beliefs, I now have an understanding of creation that is also based on science, logic, and reason. Dr Kim assembled information from various sources — theological and scientific — and constructed a compelling case for the biblical account of creation. Dr Kim addressed the fundamental principles on which evolutionism is based, and showing each one to be suppositions (at best) or outright fraud (at worst). When you take away these debunked principles, the building blocks on which evolutionism is based, then evolutionism falls like a house of cards. At the same time, Dr Kim showed how the biblical account of creation is the only plausible explanation for our origins, through the Bible and as well as through science. I came away from this tour with a much stronger belief in God’s work creating the universe.
-Steve Koterski

On this trip, I’ve been awe stroke by the wonders and signs of the truth. the more I learned, however, I got more pressure to share this. Since I learned that evolutionists are looking at the same evidences as we are, and yet drawing different interpretations out of them, I was frustrated thinking I won’t be able to persuade people. So I started convincing myself that dealing with this old history is not as important as evangelizing through testimony. The last seminar on the 2nd day changed me. I learned how the idea of evolution has dealing impact on people today, how it lead to problems of homosexuality divorce, nudity, etc. that night God gave me a bible verse; Acts 18:9-11 “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking do not be silent. For I am with you…” Now I am confident that as I speak the truth boldly, God will work through me and save precious lives. Thank you Lord, for drawing me closer to you!
– Ye Ji Park

This trip proved to me that even if I cannot see God, he is definitely existent. Through this trip I will be able to evangelize more people and spread the world. This trip also opened my eyes and turned it away from evolution. Through my days in school I always believed that evolution was true until I learned of creation science. So I thank my pastor and my Mom for allowing me to go on this trip.
– Jasmine Paek

대부분의 참가자들이 초, 중, 고, 대학생들이어서 그들에게 창조주 하나님을 믿을 수 있도록 과학적인 증거를 제시해 주셔서 감사합니다. 이번 탐사 여행을 통해서 하나님의 위대하심과 엄위하심을 느끼게 되었고 만드신 피조물들을 심판하셔야만 했던 하나님의 마음을 조금 이나마 생각해 볼 수 있는 기회였습니다. 심판 중에서도 노아의 방주를 통하여 구원의 기회를 주셨듯이 예수님을 통하여 구원의 길을 열어주신 것을 감사합니다. 다시 한번 말씀에 신실하신 하나님을 기억하는 계기가 되었고 다시 오실 예수님을 기다리며 준비하는 삶을 살아야겠다고 다짐해 봅니다.
– 이혜숙

Even though I didn’t learn much because I have attended two other creation seminars, I would highly recommend this tour because it lets you see the truth with your own eyes.
– Sain Moon

I enjoyed this tour a lot. What I’ve learned from this tour was that if the world was really billions of years old, then the helium in the atmosphere would be saturated but it’s not. There’s only a fracture of the helium in the atmosphere. I also learned that it is impossible to add new genes into DNA, therefore evolution is completely impossible. I already wish I took AP environmental this year instead of last year.
– Mele Kwon

This tour has truly taught me a lot from dinosaur bores to how the Grand Canyon was made. All these examples have taught me that the theories of evolution are completely wrong and that the creation of God is what has really happened. I am very glad I came on this trip and I hope I will be able to spread this information to the evolutionist and change their minds. Thank you for the great trip.
– 지태

The 3 days of the tour opened my eyes into realization that God has left us amazing evidence of his creation. These days that have been left behind has made me realize that God is good thanks you
-Emerson Lee

This trip was a blessing and being able to see God’s wonder was eye opening seeing his work allows me to be firm in my belief and not be shaken by things taught at school Dr Kim’s seminars allowed me to understand how god left his evidence on Earth. Thank you for such a blessed tour.
– Christian Kim

Before this trip I was really excited to go or I didn’t want too, because … I was lazy about going but after being here I learned so much from Dr. Kim and I enjoyed this tour a lot. I’m blessed that I got the chance to come.
– Morgan Choi

I am really glad to have come on this trip because I am a lot younger than most people on this trip. I don’t know that much and I don’t have any experience but this tour helped me a lot. I learned about creation, animals, and how evolution is fake and made up. When I go home, I’m going to tell younger kids and other people about what I learned and that they shouldn’t believe in evolution because God is wonderful and he created everything perfectly.
– Jennifer Lee

This trip has taught me many things. I’ve had this seminar at my old church when I was in 7th grade but I still had many questions left. When this trip started I thought it’ll be the same as last time but this time, it answered all my questions about Noah’s flood, Creation, and Evolution.
– Elijah Kim

Evolution is a complete hoax. The magnetic field wouldn’t exist. The ocean would be completely salt, and the assumption for the millions and billions of years which was only thousands.
– William Nam

Feel more confident in teaching students about Genesis and about evolution. The reconfirmation on truth and the Bible makes me want to go study the bible even more. Plan on bringing as many students as possible to experience this tour in the future and personally grateful that my sons going to see this during their youth years.
– Cheril Kim

It was really exciting and fun. I learned lots of things about Genesis flood and how it is proved. I really enjoyed this trip.
– Minjee Kang

During this trip, I learned lots of things about the Bible and Genesis flood. Also, I get to see Grand Canyon. It was very cool as I expect. I get to meet other people. I made new friends like Susan and Jennifer. It was very fun; I wish I have more time to know more about them. I think it was good grip.
– Minjeong Kang

There are not enough words to describe how amazing it was to see the beauty of God’s creation with my very words. Although the three canyons, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon are things I cannot see every day, I know that God’s fingerprints are also imprinted on us. Through this experience, I pray that I’d never take God so lightly and no seriously just because he is almighty and all forgiving. I gained new knowledge and facts that I’ll take into my heart. I never will forget this.
– Anne Nam

It was just amazing to see God’s creation and his mighty powers. There were no words to describe the beauty of the Canyons. I learned that all these things are God’s reminder for us to remember him and his love and power. Before, I had no words to say to people who say “How are you going to prove creation with no evidence?” I’ll take joy in explaining everything I have learned at this seminar and always be confident of the fact that God created everything and that he has mighty powers.
– Sue Ham

When I went on this mission trip, I got to see what God created. At first it was hard to believe that God had made the canyons giving each canyon their beauty. I learned how and why God had given Noah the flood. This mission trip helped me understand Genesis. All my questions on the bible and evolution were answered. This trip reminded me not just of God, but his creations.
– Susan Hwang

Before this creation tour, I had doubted creation and that sometimes led to me doubting my faith and God as a whole. I have truly been blessed to go on this tour and learn more about God. It’s been amazing witnessing his creation. Dr. Kim was Amazing and his seminars taught me a lot.
– Eunice Kim

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