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Before coming to the creation tour, my perspective of creation was entirely faith-based.  So if someone were to ask why I believed in creationism, I would not have a valid argument.  But, this trip showed me scientific evidence of creation.  It informed me of radioactive dating, fossil evidence, and rock records.  Not only did this strengthen my beliefs but it showed me that the Big Bang and evolution were completely wrong.

-Sean Han (11th Grade)


This experience was extremely blissful for me.  It really changed my perspective on the creation.  And I can honestly say that this tour has also helped solidify my faith.  Before, I would believe and accept everything that I learned during school.  However, after listening to the creation truth, I was able to see that God is the true Creator.  I had lots of fun and had a great experience.

-Eileen Cha (11th Grade)


This trip for me was a very blissful learning experience.  Last year, when I took life science, they taught evolution.  My teacher said evolution was true and I didn’t know how to say in a good way that it was wrong.  But this trip taught me a lot more than I thought it would.   I now know evidence and facts, this trip taught me that if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, you have to make an effort.  No one will invite and cox you into joining a group, you have to make the move of fitting in.  In conclusion, this trip was a very blissful and exciting experience.

-Hope Han (8th Grade)


Before creation tour, I always followed the belief that it was God who created the world, and didn’t really think hard about the wonders of creation.  However, after this tour, all this creation of canyons amazed me, and really made me look at creation in a different point of view.  I loved this tour, and am excited to learn more as I live on.

-Minjae Kim (9th Grade)


Before creation tour, it was difficult to believe in creation because of the lack of facts about it.  However, this trip allowed me to apply science to creation and make it more believable and understandable.  Being able to apply what I learned in school to my religion makes it more understandable and relatable.

-Alex Yang (10th Grade)


Before this trip, I always thought the topic evolution was valid in the world.  When I learned these topics in school, my teacher make it fun and very real.  During the tour, I learned so much, even to much to take it in at first.  Listening to the seminars and watching all the videos made me wonder very deeply about these topics and if they were true, but at the end it all made sense.  The landmark of the trip was beautiful and astonishing.  I still cannot get over the sights we saw.

-Josh Lee (10th Grade)


When I first came to creation tour, I was just excited to see all the amazing landscapes.  However, I was shocked to learn so much about how the biblical creation can be proved.  Suddenly evolution and the big bang seemed even more ridiculous.  Now, I want to try and challenge my classmates and friends using this info.

-Esther Han (9th Grade)


Before coming on the tour, I would say I was excited to see all these beautiful canyons once again.  Compared to the family vacation I went two years ago in the same places.  I learned a lot more now than before.  Some information I learned includes debates with evolution.  Henceforth, I discovered some exciting facts that hasn’t been really discussed around society and got to expand my knowledge on God’s creation.

-Josh Choi (11th Grade)


Before I came on the creation tour, I thought that evolution was real.  I also thought that the canyons formed over time and that the earth was billions of years old.  Throughout the tour, I learned about how evolution isn’t real and also that we are descendants of Adam and Eve.  If I hadn’t come on this trip, I would not have learned about evolution and God’s creations.

-Joseph Lee (6th Grade)


Before I came here I didn’t really care about creation.  I just thought it was God and didn’t care.  But now I know why and what God did to create this world.  I also learned that the flood created the Grand Canyon.  And there are so many wonders of this world that God made that we wouldn’t know if we hadn’t gone on this trip.

-Joel Kim (5th Grade)


Throughout creation tour I was able to experience and learn about God’s creations.  I believed that the earth was 4.5 billion years old before I came, but I actually learned that the earth is about 6,000 years old according to the Bible timeline.  I also learned how Noah’s Flood resulted in canyons.  The canyons were carved through sedimentary layers of limestone and sandstone.  From the seminars I found out that evolution isn’t real.  Evolution isn’t possible and there is no accurate evidence to prove that it is.  From this creation tour, I learned more about God and the geography of the earth.

-Rachel Chong (6th Grade)


When push come to shove, I would take the Biblical account on blind faith.  This tour allowed me to receive the information to back up my faith.  It is amazing how God operates and is in full control of all.  It was enlightening to see how the youth group students were able to challenge their ill formed preconceptions to pursue truth.  I was truly blessed!

-Alvin Yoo (Youth pastor)


During this trip, I saw and experienced a lot of things I thought I would never do.  I learned so much, for example, how it only took 8 hours for God to flood the whole earth.  I’ve always seen the Bible as something that I read as it is but after this trip, I realized that there’s so much behind the stories and history.  I feel truly blessed to have been here to see things like the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon and learn about God’s love for us.  Traveling as a group helped me capture the funniest and memorable moments, and I thank God for helping us stay safe throughout the past 5 days.

-Joy Han (7th Grade)


During creation tour I learned many things.  Some of the things that we learned, I had a hard time accepting it.  For example, in school, I’ve always been taught that the earth is 4.5 billion year old and that the evolution was real.  But after this creation tour, I now realized that God’s word is more true and reliable than any scientist.

-Shirley Joo (6th Grade)


This trip has opened my eyes in more ways than one.  Before this trip, I allowed myself to accept the creation story, but continuously questioned what I was taught in school, and how it tied to my beliefs.  Not only were the sights and trips amazing, but I was given solid evidence of the beginnings of the earth.  I was taught why not all of science is dependable, and how the message the Bible spits out should always be the first reference to the truth.  I was also able to slowly grow closer with those around me, and enjoy every moment, no matter how hot or loud it was.  It was a true blessing to have been on this trip, and I am thankful that God has given me this chance to learn while keeping us safe at the same time.

-Faith Han (10th Grade)


This trip and tour really strengthened my faith life.  It made me realize that I often thought of the Bible, especially the Book of Genesis as a fable.  Creation tour taught me that everything in the Bible is true and is fact, and it’s not blind faith, but it’s logical faith because there is just so much evidence to prove it.  It brought me to have more trust and confidence in the Bible.

-Kaitlyn Yoo (10th Grade)


During this creation tour, I had experienced so much.  Everything I had learned from biology, Earth science, etc. is so different (evolution).  All this time I was just going along with what I was learning from power points and textbooks.  But this trip has opened my eyes to so many new things.  I loved the hiking, seeing the different sights especially at Antelope Canyon and Zion Canyon.  For the past five days, everything that I have experienced is something that I’ll cherish forever.  I am grateful that God has given me this wonderful experience to see His wonderful and beautiful creation.

-Eunice Park (11th Grade)


I have experienced something that I never thought I would.  Never thought I would hike or take pictures on canyons.  Through this trip I learned a lot, had fun, was a little bit scared.  But in the end I feel blessed and thankful and definitely more knowledgeable than before.  I thank the people who made this opportunity for me to learn more.  I may or may not forget these five days but I am glad it happened, and that I came on this trip.

-Jacob Bae (8th Grade)


I learned that Noah’s Flood was able to construct the canyons that we went to.  I also learned that evolution is not true.  Evolution is when a living things turns into another living things (kinds).  Since God made us, therefore evolution is not real true.

-Erin Kye (2nd Grade)


I learned A LOT in these five days.  Probably more than I learned in the 160 days, and far more important because I learned that God’s word is entirely true.  First off, I learned about Noah’s Flood.  Noah’s flood is the reason for all the canyons.  It took very short time (to carve canyons).  There are a lot of layers stacked up made of different materials and full of fossils.  There is more evidence in some places than others.  C-14 is found when carbon dating something 100,000 years old or younger.  It was predicted that the canyons took millions of years but the fossils buried deep had C-14.  The earth is about 6,000 years old.  The universe is young.  Blue stars will dies in less than 1 million years, but blue stars are everywhere.  I learned far more than I could ever write and there is a bus full of people behind me so thank you.

-Kristine Yoo (6th Grade)


I learned that evolution is wrong and that God created people and the earth in the beginning.  Dr. Kim helped me learn that Noah’s Flood was really the one that created canyons and every place we visited.  Also many things about evolution that I learned in school are wrong.  I learned much more then I already knew because of this creation tour and that God is the creator of heavens and the earth and people.

-Samantha Key (6th Grade)


There were a lot of anticipation for this trip.  However, I wasn’t sure of what to expect either.  I wasn’t sure if I would be satisfied with the explanations or theories.  Now, after five days of learning and viewing I am fully convinced, satisfied, and am challenged to know better.  I feel that it is my responsibility to know and spread this knowledge because this TRUTH solidified the TRUTH of God’s Word.  As a children’s pastor, I see the need to condition our childrens’ hearts and minds to receive His TRUTH from young age.  I thank God for this opportunity to increase my faith in Him through sound knowledge.

-Esther Park (Children’s Pastor)


I thank God for allowing myself and my whole family to experience this wonderful trip.  As a lifelong Christian, I always believed that God is our creator but didn’t have much-supporting facts to back it up.  But through this trip, I’m more able to have a much better understanding and to actually have the information to share with others that God is indeed our creator and designer.  All the awesome sites were magnificent and just showed me how great God’s creations are, and it was great to share this with our church family.

-Hyun Min Kye (deacon)


I learned that the Grand Canyon is stacked like pancakes and has layers.  An the Earth is 6,000 years old.  God created the Earth.  The fossils that we found were shaped like stars.

-Claire Cha (2nd Grade)


During this trip, I learned that evolution is wrong and that God created everything the way it is.  Even though scientists predicted that the Earth is millions year old, it’s actually about 6,000 years old.  During the flood, Noah and his family were the only people alive.  The water caused all the people and animals to die which left them fossilized.

-Allision Cha (7th Grade)


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