Coffee Break 창조과학탐사 간증문 (8/5-8/7,2013)

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David Nam/Light and Salt Church/7th. Grade

“I learned that evolution is fake and that people have done many things to try to convince people that it is real.  I also learned that dinosaurs didn’t live that long ago.  I want to use this information to answer people who question me about dinosaurs and God.”


Yoo Sung Lee/Light and Salt Church/7th Grade

“I have learned about a lot of stuff in this tour but the one that hit me first was the teaching of God’s creation.  It made me think differently about the world and made my heart feel more peaceful.  I will use this to teach other people about the creation of God.”


Danny Lee/Light and Salt Church/10th. Grade

“I learned that evolution is just a mere idea that is being put into our minds.  Also that God is the only one for us.  All of the facts were really informative.  I will use this to answer those in need of answers.”


Sophia Kwack/Mission Community Church/7th. Grade

“I learned a lot more about God’s creation.  How it didn’t take millions of years, but just a few days.  How God made everything and everyone unique.  God made us with specific qualities that we all needed.  Now since I know this, I hope that I can use this information and tell about God’s wonders to anyone I meet.”


Angela Cho/Orange County Young Nak Church (OCYN)

“I appreciate the background informations, resources, and scientific evidences that were presented in this tour, especially during the seminars.  It was my second time hearing about this (listened to Ken Ham’s lecture a year ago), this tour freshened my memory and given me more specific information.  I will be able to support the “creation” with more confidence, knowing that God’s words are true.  Feel a lot more prepared to answer questions regarding creation and argue against the theory of evolution.  I am going to re-commit to reading the resources/articles on the answer- in-genesis website.  Excited to answer any future questions of students and friends to make God’s majesty known!  Thank you for your hard work, Dr. Kim, and for your patience during the tour.  I especially appreciate your testimony.  May God bless many through you.”


Ha Rim Kim/LPKUMC/Sophomore in College

“I learned a lot through this tour about the genesis flood.  I was really excited to come and learn the biblical evidence of God’s creation.  When I heard there was a scientist coming along to explain all about the creation relating to the Bible and I took that chance to come here and I regret nothing about using my free time to learn about God more.  This tour made me realize how great God is and help me know where I stand in my spiritual path.  And now I understand more about the creation and the genesis flood and the evidence to back it up with Bible.”


Isaac Bae/New Life Vision Church/8th Grade

“I came on this tour mostly because of my parents, but now I’m very thankful that I came here.  I learned a lot about the Flood, evolution, assumptions (radioisotope dating) etc.  Now I understand a lot about how the Bible (Genesis) is true.”


Dahoon Kim/OCYN/12th. Grade

“This was a different experience for me.  I never realized how young the world really is and what the world does to pull us away from our beliefs.  I learn that not everything we learn at school is true and that the books written for school is written in one point of view.”


Christine Kim/OCYN/12th. Grade

“This tour really opened my eyes to realize the difference between creation and evolution.  This experience helped me to confirm my beliefs about the creation that God has created for us.  I learned that creation is the truth and that God has created each and everything on this earth, and that what I am learning at school is false.  I promise to stay true to my faith and do my best to spread the truth about God’s creation.”


Hanna Seo/OCYN/10th. Grade

“Learned how God created earth and how it goes along with the Bible.”


Inchol Yang/OCYN/Pastor

“It was a great time to know how God created this world.  In particular, I was impressed by Dr. Kim’s passionate endeavours.  I appreciate his lecture!  Thank you!


Alex Yun/OCYN/8th Grade

“Learning what God created and learning what evolution was and the differences of evolution and creation.”


Eugene Chang/OCYN/12th Grade

“Learned a lot about creation and different ways to defend my faith.”


Christine Son/Joo Sung Mission Church/Sophomore in College

“Grand Canyon was created at one time in a short time span and not over a long period of time.          Fact: ~2000 years Adam to Abraham, ~2000 years Abraham to Jesus, ~2000 years Jesus to now.              People have always been saying the day is coming.  Judgment day is coming.  Now, I am really thinking of the thought that He is truly coming again, and I need to be ready to meet Him.  I want to live a life that is not embarrassing when Jesus come back to this earth.  The Flood was not a result of God’s anger.  It was a result of His witness grace and love.  God, as a parent, did not expect the Flood to get rid of all of us.  Father gave us a new start in life, fresh start.  It was always a reminder of His Grace, love and mercy to us, His people.  Thank you Doctore for your work!”


Joseph Kim/OCYN/11th Grade

“I learned about the creation of the world and to defend my faith.”


Jennifer Lim/OCYN/11th Grade

“I learned about God’s beautiful creations, and how it come to be that way.  God’s power to create beautiful things fascinate me.”


Emily Kim/OCYN/8th Grade

“I learned about Noah’s ark and the creations of God.  I am very glad I came on this trip because I learned a lot about God.”


Andy Yun/OCYN/7th Grade

“I learned that the flood carved out the Grand Canyon.”


James Khil/OCYN/9th Grade

“I learned about the Old Testament.  I learned about ‘post-modernism’  Thank you.”


Andrew Kim/OCYN/8th Grade

“I learned some science and the Bible go together.”


Joy Joo/OCYN/8th Grade

“I learned a lot about the Flood and how Noah took in dinosaurs, too.  I’m very thankful for coming.”


Da Hyuk Kim/OCYN/10th. Grade

“I learned that the ark was a box shape.  Also stayed through 150 days of storm.  The earth is only a few thousands years.  Also, the dinosaur wereliving then, I never thought of that.”


Kristine Lim/OCYN/Freshman in College

“This tour was very educational.  I learned a lot, but what I can take from this tour is factual information to back up my religion against people who believe in evolution.  I had a lot of questions, but many of mine were answered through the use of science.”


Connie Yoo/OCYN/Freshman in College

“During this whole trip I first had the pleasure of experiencing how beautifully God has made our Earth.  Sometimes we have to be reminded to not take advantage of God’s grace and mercy.  Creation vs. Evolution has been the topic of this tour and it really has strengthened my knowledge on it as well as pushing me towards the right path which is Creation.”


Jasmine Chang/OCYN/Freshman in College

“This trip was very interesting.  I’m very uncomfortable with science, but the lessons learned were understandable and logical.  I’m very glad I got to hear this and see it.  It’s really undeniable.  Everything that didn’t make sense before when I was learning material at school, now begins to form a clearer picture in my head.  Thank you.”


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