OMA 창조과학탐사 간증문 (7/13-7/16, 2015)

Irvine Onnuri Church

Daniel Park “I had read Genesis several times, but each time failed to bring forth the apparent struggle between school teachings and biblical teachings. I discovered new evidence (as rather old evidence and new perspective) that made creationism real. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Compassion 창조과학탐사 간증문 (7/6-7/11, 2015)

When I first need Genesis I just read it having faith in God that he did create the earth and just read a long thinking he must have did it somehow, but I didn’t fully understand it. But this creation science trip really helped me open my eyes to the truth and it was really amazing how everything fits together like a puzzle and it was sad thinking about the amount of people that don’t know this truth and don’t know about God’s love. It was really a blessing to get to know about creation science at an early age and I can’t wait to share with my friends and pastors back at home.

– Esther Park