예수인교회 (6/20-6/23/2016)

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Thank you for this incredible experience visiting the Grand Canyon. Enjoyed learning more about creation and seeing the beauty that surrounds us every day. Nature and all its beauty is a reminder of God’s creation and His love for all of us to enjoy it with each other. Special thanks to Dr. John Kim for his dedication to making this journey a memorable experience. We are grateful for this passion and hard work in preparing the lessons he taught along the trip. More importantly learning more about creation re-inforces my belief in God and makes me appreciate the beauty and blessings that are part of my life. Thank you and God bless.

-George Alabi <Everett New Life Foursquare Church>


즐겁고 유익한 여행이었습니다. Youth 자녀들이 알아듣기에 조금 어려운 용어들이 많지 않아나 하는 생각을 잠시 했었습니다. 대체적으로 너무 유익한 여행이었습니다.

-Jonathan, Aram Bae <Freemont New Life Church >


I have been a believer my whole life and this is the first time I am learning about creation science so everything I learned was eye opening. I thought the truth of God’s Word was based on faith. I didn’t know there is scientific evidence that supports God’s Word as Truth. This tour built a stronger foundation on which my faith can stand.

-Esther Alabi <Everett New Life Foursquare Church>


정말 감사합니다. 여태까지 하나님에 대해서 모르는 것을 정말 많이 배웠습니다. 그로 진화론으로 부터 반격할 방법도 배웠습니다. 사실 저는 어려서 못 알아듣는 내용이 꽤 있었습니다. 다른 사람들처럼 집중을 하니 조금 수월했습니다. 유익한 내용 알려주셔서 정말 감사합니다. 나중에 이런 기회가 또 있을 거라고 믿습니다.

-박가현 <예수인교회>


이 투어를 하게 되면서 정말 유익하고 처음 보는 내용을 많이 들었어요. 그랜드 캐니언이 노아의 방주로 인해 만들어졌다는 것이 정말 놀라웠고 되게 즐거운 여행이었어요. 그 외에도 공룡이 진화해서 새가 될 수 없다는 사실과, 지구가 6,000살이다 등 여러 증거이유를 들고 창조론에 대한 확신을 갖게 되었어요. 많은 도움주신 분들 정말 감사해요.



This trip has solidified my understanding and knowledge that the world and everything in it was created by God and not through evolution. This trip was important to me because in school I had learned so much this year about evolution and how we evolved from monkeys, but now I remember that we were created by God.

-Claire Bae <New Life Church>


This trip was such an amazing experience! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to see these beautiful creations and learn about their histories. Not only were the sights beautiful, but the learning experiences were also very important to me. In school we only learn about evolutionary science and history, so it was very interesting and cool to learn about creation science and intelligent design, and see how the Biblical accounts are proved in our earth. Thank you!

-Bella Alabi <Everett New Life Foursquare Church>


I learned so much from this tour and seeing/learning God’s creation with the supports of scientific evidences were astonishing! Thank you.

-Yoon Ju Kim <예수인교회>


I learned a lot from this trip. I learned more about how God created the world and how not everything scientists say are true. Seeing what God mad was really cool. This was an amazing experience.

-Becky Hwang <예수인교회>


조각조각 알고 있던 지식들을 체계적으로 정리할 수 있어서 도움이 많이 되었어요. 과학적 지식이 필요한 부분은 좀 어려웠지만 버스 안에서 선교사님의 설명과 비디오 시청이 반복되면서 더 잘 이해가 되었어요. 선교사님 사역에 기름 부으심이 있으시길. 또 우리 2세들이 열매 맺을 수 있기를 빕니다.

-장성은 <New Life Church>


I am now provided with answers on how creationism is the truth rather than evolution. And I very much enjoyed traveling to the canyons and learning that the whole fossils could have only been made quickly and catastrophically.

-Daniel Pyun


I learned a lot. But what stood out the most is how offset evolutionary science is. It is even more eye-opening how vastly accepted it is considering its flaws.

-Stefan Bae <New Life Foursquare Church>


I learned that God our creator intelligently designed everything on Earth including animals, human, and nature. Nothing was an accident or mistake but created for purpose.

-Sabrina Alabi


궁금해 하면서 풀지 못했던 부분을 과학적이고 확실한 증거와 근거들을 통해 확인할 수 있었던 좋은 시간이었습니다. 창세기 창조의 그 짧은 구석들 속에 이렇게 크고 위대한 일들이 숨어 있는 것을 믿는 모든 사람들과 나누고 싶습니다. 하나님의 위대하심을 다시 한번 느끼는 좋은 시간이었습니다. 감사합니다.

-신시영 <New Life Foursquare Church>


I didn’t expect that the evidence of creation would be so scientific and detailed. I learned a lot from your presentations. Thank you for answering my questions even though I asked a lot and for leading this tour.

-Jinha Kim <예수인교회>


When I saw the dinosaur video, I didn’t know that dinosaurs lived not million years ago.

-Alex Min <예수인교회>


Even though before this trip I didn’t believe in evolution, after these past few days I’ve now become more certain that is purely false and delusional. Before I had some questions about evolution but all of them are answered now.

-Katherynn Hwang <예수인교회>


I learned a lot from this tour. This tour helped me to understand things that I didn’t understand before this tour by giving specific evidences. It was a great experience for me to learn things aobut creations of God throughout this tour. It provided all the answers that I had kept before the tour.

-Nam Ji Kim <예수인교회>


I teach 6th grade Ancient Civilizations and I’ve always loved history and learning about how the world came to be. However, I would get frustrated because I was a Christian, but I couldn’t make sense of how biblical claims aligned or didn’t align with worldly claims. I knew God’s word was true because I don’t want to doubt in Him, but it just didn’t make sense to me. Like how people claimed to live up to hundreds and hundreds of years, or whether dinosaurs really existed. This tour has tremendously opened my eyes to so much more than I could have imagine. I want to go have and further educate myself in apologetics and being a good resource to all youth who had the same questions as I did. I need to g home and figure out how I’m going to change the way I teach at my secular public school to help them think more critically about what info is presented in the textbooks. I am so thankful that I got o experience this tour. It really changed my life and way of thinking .Praise God for Dr. Kim and all of his colleagues.

-Becky Kim <Ekko Church>


7-8년전부터 창조과학이라고 program을 통해서 하나님의 창조를 마음으로만 그려왔는데 이번 탐사를 통해 하나님의 경이로움을 다시 한번 깨닫고 확증하고 계기가 되었습니다. 이 좋은 program의 버스에서 비디오를 통하는 것 보다는 방에서 conference형식이나 workshop으로 인도해나가는 더 집중적으로 교육이 되지 않을까 하고 바램입니다. 박사님께 감사 드리며 하나님의 영광의 날로 증거 될 것을 확신합니다.

-박정희 전도사 <예수인교회>


세상의 지식의 한계와 이를 통한 성경말씀의 완전함을 배운 뜻 깊은 시간이었습니다.

-박훈집사 <예수인교회>


하나님께서 창조하심을 과학적으로 논증하는 비디오와 세미나를 통해 많은 것을 배우고 느낀 귀한 시간이었습니다. 무조건 믿어왔지만, 믿지 않는 사람들에게 과학적인 입증을 하지 못했었는데, 이번에 배운 증거들을 잘 기억하며 힘있게 증거하게 되기를 소망합니다. 정성을 다해 강의해 주신 박사님께, 무엇보다 이 기회를 허락하신 하나님께 감사 드립니다.

-이진영 <예수인교회>


The trip taught me many things, especially the age of the earth and the fake assumption of evolution. This showed me that God really created the earth and that many people living on earth are wrong.

-최영준 <Washington Mission Church>


This trip has taught me man things how the earth is really young. By knowing this it helps me believe in God seeing all his amazing creations and how other people are wrong.

-David Kim <Washington Mission Church>


During the whole trip, I was wishing that if I can have more and better knowledge of chemistry and physics. I was amazed how all the science terms I have learned but couldn’t remember were also for understanding about the creation of earth. This trip surely gave me an assurance God’s creation of everything and most important of all it motivated and challenged me to study more about it so that I am more prepared for our kids (teaching).

-Jeanie Hwang <예수인교회>


One thing I really appreciated about this tour and teaching is that it incorporated a lot of Scripture. It did not only explain Genesis chapters 1-11, but had book the teaching throughout Scripture. In fact, the Word is the backbone of this teaching of proving that creation is the plausible cause of our existence and the formation of this world. I was thrilled to see the different canyons while learning about the intricate design and formation through historic events straight from the Bible combined with scientific evidence/observation. One thing I will never forget about this trip is how fast I became a family with this group of people I have just met and also how we were able to choose to be founded in the truth of the creation story together. What a journey…

-Matthew Kim <Living Hope Christian Center>


Although I already learned about creationism, this tour just fortified my understanding with facts and data. I really enjoyed sightseeing and assivalidating all the knowledge through the videos.



In this trip, as I learned more and more about how physical details still existing on earth (the Grand canyon, Mt. St. Helens, etc.), I gained assurance in my faith. Although I was a Christian since I was young, and knew that evolution was not true, it always frustrated me when atheists at school challenged my beliefs, because I didn’t possess any scientific knowledge or sure evidence that I could point at to prove to them my faith, and precisely why this world was created by an awesome creator named God. With the knowledge I gained from this tour, such as the C-14 found in fossils, and the DNA information containing many variations, I can stand affirmed in that the Bible is true in all of its contents.

-Jaeah Kim <빌립보교회>


To me, this trip was a very informative trip, one that gave me evidence to defend my faith. I have, from the beginning, never believed in evolution due to my mother’s influence. However even if I didn’t believe, I had no evidence in my faith up until this trip. This trip taught me about all the faulty assumptions made in modern science such as the assumptions in carbon dating, index fossils, and big bang theory and much more. From here and out, I will be able to understand the Bible better, knowing the scientific history and vise versa. I liked this trip very much and would go on it again if I had the chance.

-Jaewon Kim <빌립보교회>


I have learned that there is proof that God is real. Scientists who have other theories are wrong and the earth is young not millions years old. I have more faith and will try t read the Bible and focus on God more.

-Anthony Lee <예수인교회>


I have learned that the earth’s history is only couple thousands of years old and other evidences such as the layers of Grand Canyon with trees in between them. I have also learned that some part of evolution, such as natural selection is true when it comes to variation among animals but not variation of evolution from one species to another. Lastly, earth would be overpopulated if it had existed for millions of years. In addition, earth’s fossils were fossilized rapidly due to its minerals around them during Noah’s flood.

-Brian Hong <예수인교회>


During this tour, I learned so much more about how God created the universe, how he did it, and when it happened. I used to unconsciously believe that creation is unlikely and I was lost, but now I see that creation as the truth, and how I have the knowledge to prove it. Thank you for this experience.

-Kevin Hong <예수인교회>


During this tour, I realized many things. I learned that God is real with evidence and support that backs it up. Also I learned that evolution isn’t real and that God mad every individual animal.

-Brian Seo <예수인교회>


During this tour, I learned how to defend God and his righteousness. I will now understand his works and this tour has sealed my faith with him.

-Jaewoo Kim <예수인교회>


In this tour, the pastor told me that there was a designer behind the work and not the big bang theory. Also the Grand Canyon was formed by washing water from the flood made fossils.

-Daniel <New Life Church>


I learned that evolution is not real. The Grand Canyon was formed fast.

-Caleb <New Life Church>


I learned that Darwinian evolution is not entirely accurate. You don’t have any observable evidence. Honestly this whole thing is new. I never really cared about this topic until this trip. Mostly it surprises me how this whole concept is all matching up with the Bible.

-Deborah Shin <New Life Church>


I learned that historical evidence matches up with the Bible and that the Darwinian evolution theory is not honest evidence for the formation of humans.

-Annie Shin <New Life Church>

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